Glass Melting Furnace

Reduce CO2 emissions from the glass melting furnace now!

You cannot avoid the CO2 emissions from the carbonate reactions in the glass furnace (scope-1 emissions)

It takes time to transition to alternative fueling technologies to reduce CO2 emissions (scope-2)

Our solution: Convert the CO2 to Soda Ash

Soda Ash is the second largest raw material by volume but the first in terms of carbon impact. On average, 200–300 kg CO2 are vented into the atmosphere per ton of Soda Ash produced.

Your benefits

  • Converting CO2 to Soda Ash is a known process
  • No changes to the glass melting furnace required
  • Stop buying Soda Ash – you produce your own Soda Ash
  • Generate revenue by selling excess Soda Ash (99% purity)
  • Stop buying CO2 certificates to compensate for emissions
  • Become independent from rising CO2 certificates prices
  • Reduce Scope-1 emissions

We have developed a process that converts the CO2 from the flue gas of your melting furnace to soda ash (sodium carbonate). Soda Ash is a major raw material for the glass production and this Soda Ash is 100% CO2-free.

Glass Melting Furnace

Is our solution feasible for you?

Probably yes.

We will verify if our solution to reduce the CO2  works in the conditions and environment of your melting furnace.

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