“From Innovation to Business in Chemical Engineering” – this is our claim.

Building a company is both arts and crafts. Experience is a key success factor. Methodology helps, if fit for purpose.

Capital-Gain Consultants combines these elements.

We do Company Building with a focus on Chemical Engineering. Our specialty is Chemical Process Simulation software and the world around it.

Why Chemical Engineering?

We work with engineers from the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Energy and Engineering industry segments daily.

We work with Producers (Owner/ Operators), EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Equipment Manufacturers and Academia on chemical engineering questions daily.

We can realize synergy effects in chemical engineering.

We understand software, e-business, chemical engineering and especially process simulation.

We can realize synergy effects in process simulation and we can offer customer validation in this segment.

We have global reach and direct access to the European markets in process simulation.

We have excellent business relationships with Chemstations, a global leader in process simulation since 1988.

Why Process Simulation?

Why Company Building?

We guide you from the idea stage to a working company.

We seek innovation, which the owner wants to “package” into a company. We will never take ownership of your idea – we stay enablers.

We look for individual chemical engineers and software engineers as well as for corporates as (co-) founders.

We take equity. We might bring cash. We will never take cash from you or your company.

We benefit from the capital gain. The same as you – so our goals are aligned.

We help you run your company. We will not take an operative role – we stay consultants.

We understand the incubator process. We are founders.

We are experienced shareholders.

Why Capital-Gain Consultants?