Do you want to understand how we develop software for you? Then read on.

Which software do we develop?

We develop software in chemical engineering. Why we focus on chemical engineering is described here.

We believe in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We develop stand-alone components only to connect with our SaaS offerings.

We develop software applications for our own purposes, i.e. we operate the servers on which our software is deployed and we operate the business behind it. We also develop integrations between our software and other applications.

We develop software applications for you, if we are a shareholder in your company, as described here.

How do we develop software?

We follow an Agile software development approach, which includes Scrum and Kanban. The way we develop software is state-of-the-art.

We use a Kanban/ Scrum system, Test Driven Development (TDD), code repositories with versioning and branching, and automatic building and deployment. Deployment is done to the shop on or to the local machine via Add-on Manager for CHEMCAD.

What are our skills?

We are experienced in software development.
We understand both Software Engineering and Process Engineering
We have a strong focus on Microsoft products and technologies for our own developments.
We use WordPress as an easy to handle platform for web front-end applications.
We understand the CHEMCAD interfaces, i.e. UAMs, COM, OPC, Excel DataMap and VBA, which we have wrapped by CC-API, the 7th module in the CHEMCAD process simulation suite.
We operate our own platform. Lab is innovation based on CC-API and CHEMCAD. Lab is our laboratory.
We have access to chemical engineers via our close relationships with Chemstations Europe GmbH and PrimeUnit GmbH.

What are our references?

Software Development

Software Operations